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SSD recommendation

Discussion in 'Storage Drives' started by joncuk, 15 Apr 2010.

  1. joncuk


    Joined: 12 Apr 2010

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    I'm looking to replace the 4200rpm drive in my lappy with an SSD. 64 gig is big enough for Windows 7 and the few apps I'll be using on the move (mostly Firefox, perhaps Eclipse). Anyone care to suggest a good model? Criteria would be:

    1) Not being one of those terrible stuttery JMicron based first-gen SSDs
    2) Price/performance - Intel X25-M's are awesome but overkill for a notebook
    3) Responsive manufacturer who'll release firmware updates, and TRIM support
    4) Weight - plastic housings are preferred to metal as every gram counts

    Also, anyone got any insight as to why prices have skyrocketed? Checking reviews, it seems drives that were selling for £100 a few months ago are all £150ish now :(
  2. Trunks9486

    Wise Guy

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    If you dont want to go for Intel look for any drive that is based on the Indilinx controller.

    OCZ is great with support aparently. Might be worth looking into an OCZ agility drive if Vertex is too expensive.

    Prices are affected by the exchange rate, and the fact that one supplier of DRAM closed down last year i think.
  3. Zarf


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    I got an OCZ Solid 2 for my laptop, It was pretty good value back in february.

    Prices are high because demand for NAND is high - SSD's, Smartphones, MP3 players. Until new factories come online to increase supply next year, prices will stay high.
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