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Star City, Birmingham...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NiCkNaMe, 29 May 2006.

  1. NiCkNaMe


    Joined: 17 Jul 2005

    Posts: 3,190

    Anyone know what time it closes tonight, what with it being a bank holiday ?
  2. Otacon


    Joined: 10 Jan 2004

    Posts: 21,923

    Location: All over

    What particular part? There's a lot of different things there (bars, cinema, shops, restaurants..), and they dont all shut at the same time.
  3. NiCkNaMe


    Joined: 17 Jul 2005

    Posts: 3,190

    Never really been, and not sure what we fancy doing yet ... is it one large complex? hear they do tobogganing, rope climbing, horror thingy, etc. Worth going down there? just fancy something to do in the Midlands :p
  4. Boomstick


    Joined: 2 Feb 2004

    Posts: 908

    Location: West Mids, near Walsall

    None of those things ever seem to be open for use whenever I go to star city. Bit of a waste of money developing those things if nobody ever uses them lol

    Megabowl will be open though
  5. Violent-J


    Joined: 25 Mar 2006

    Posts: 1,343

    Location: Birmingham

    I used to go, lots of restaurants not much else, the cinema is the main attraction and it's way over priced.

    I seriously wouldn't bother, just go to the ugc cinema in town it's well good.
  6. RobH


    Joined: 9 May 2005

    Posts: 4,524

    Location: Nottingham

    I live at Aston University at the moment and I am also from Birmingham and I have to say that Star City is a big letdown, I can never find a reason to justify travelling there. A cinema, bowling, some restaurants and a casino, of which you can find most of these elsewhere in the local area.

    If you want tobogganing consider the Tamworth Snow Dome.