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Steams Dualshock 4 support

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by pds, 13 Dec 2016.

  1. pds


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    Not sure if its been talked about much here yet but recently support for the dualshock 4 has been added to the steam beta updates. This feature has revolutionised my gaming experience.

    Th biggest plus for me has been the ability to set the DS4 giro to assist aiming. Playing games like The Evil within, Resident Evil 4, Tomb Raider (2013) and Dead Space has been simply sublime.

    You set the Giro to engage when you hold in the left trigger. And wow the satisfaction of head shots is amazing.

    If you want to try this I recommend The Evil Within or Tomb Raider (2013) as they both support gamepad function and mouse at the same time as it lifts these games to another level. All you have to do is use recommended gamepad config and set the giro to mouse in the steam controller config then adjust sensitivity of Giro to taste and turn off auto aim in game.

    A game like mafia 2 or Resident Evil 4 does not support gamepad and mouse at same as they conflict. There are two solutions to this. You can set all the gampads actions to keybaord and mouse or use another slightly more complicated walk around for more advanced users.

    I know all this can be done with the steam controller. I could not get on with the steam controller personally but wow! The DS4 with giro is amazing fun.

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  2. ic1male


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    *thread bump*

    So I was tinkering about with some old games which don't have true gamepad support (presumably the official description is not using the XInput API). And was a bit dismayed with something like GTA: Vice City which doesn't recognise the triggers on the Xbone controller. (At least I think it was VC). But then I saw something on the net about Steam's support for DualShock 4 and apparently it can be customised with all the options that Valve's Steam controller can (I don't know if this means you can play RTS games like Company of Heroes with it).

    So can you use the DS4 with older games and use the trigger to drive the cars and shoot and such things which don't seem to work with the Xbone pad?

    And what happens when you use the DS4 with games that are using XInput? For example, Kingdoms of Amalur displays the ABXY coloured graphics on screen. Are they still there or do they get replaced with the triangle, circle, cross and square of the DS4?
  3. uv


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    Steam support means you can configure the DS4 in the same way you can configure the Steam Controller. For example, you can set the dpad to act like a thumbstick, or you can set any button you wish to perform any action. You can even have screen shortcuts on different parts of the touchpad.

    I've played plenty of games that are either xbox specific or don't actually support a controller, and they've all worked fine with a bit of configuration - which is saved per game.

    You're right that the games still show the xbox ABXY buttons - these are usually hardcoded graphics - but it's easy to remember what's what.
  4. ic1male


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    And are there existing profiles that you can download? I've watched a guy demonstrating the programming bit but it was a bit convoluted. With something like Vice City, you'd have to match every individual key to a button on the DS4. Would be nice if someone had already done it. :D