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Steerng Tracking (Please help)

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Acolyte, 21 Jul 2006.

  1. Acolyte


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    Hi, ill make this short.

    I had some engine work done to the car, it was required in the process that the track rod ends were removed, upon doing this one of the nuts was seized on one, so it had to be replaced.

    Now it was replaced with a new one but the car wasnt tracked.

    The car nows rubs the insdie of the arches on both sides when you full lock right.

    Ok, i though ill go get the car tracked, i got it tracked and as expected the tracking was a mile out (the mechanic that fitted the track rod end didnt have any tracking equipment so "guessed" temporarily the setting to get the car driving straight'ish) the tracking was out by 20mm.

    Now i drove away, tracking was fine didnt pull anywhere, BUT it still rubs on full lock but only just.

    When the steering is straight i can lock to the left in 1.4 turns of the wheel, but to the right i can do 1.6 turns of the wheel (this is where is rubs), NOW am i right in saying the tracking is no centred properly?

    Am i within my rights to go back to ATS euromaster and ask them to centre the tracking?