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Storage Drive Issue - Any help?

Discussion in 'Storage Drives' started by greentea, 17 Mar 2018.

  1. greentea


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    My D Drive doesn't seem to be working properly. I noticed this because I had Steam installed on my C Drive and then when space ran out, I began moving the installed games over to the D Drive (st2000dm001-1er164) which is 2TB. I noticed that games weren't launching or updating correctly and it was noticeably slower.

    Because of that, I decided to reset the PC to see if that would change things. After resetting, I installed Steam on my D Drive this time instead. However, each time I tried to launch it, it would be 'updating steam' and never launch. I installed a game onto the D Drive too but it refused to launch.

    To make sure this was an issue with D Drive, I uninstalled Steam and reinstalled it on the C Drive. I can open the application perfectly fine and I'm currently installing a game to test if it launches but I'm almost certain it will.

    I checked the Properties for the drive and it says the device is working properly so I'm quite unsure what the issue is. I haven't got anything else installed on this drive so I can't say if it's isolated to Steam but regardless, it should work especially if I have no issues on my C Drive.

    Any help or suggestions would be great, thanks
  2. APM

    Wise Guy

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    Run a chkdsk on the D drive
  3. bledd


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    Look in recen viewer and check for disk errors under the system section