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Discussion in 'Photography & Video' started by 86JR, 9 Jun 2010.

  1. 86JR


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    When i was using lightroom it saved all my work in corrupted catalogs all over my computer, I told it to use a single drive and i keep finding my rubbish photos on all 3 of them. I have now deleted it all, and so have a whole 120gb hdd to play with.

    Is there something i can use so that when i plug my camera in, it downloads the jpeg and raw files off the camera and saves them in a folder, in date format or something, automatically ? All i get now is lightroom crashing when it starts up, which doesnt bother me cos i hate it anyway ?
  2. asim18


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    I use Adobe Bridge and it does what you're after, perfectly.
  3. syke


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    I use Lightroom as part of my sorting/storing process.

    Import Files through Lightroom, which'll automatically put them in folders by the date, then I create folders on another location (all on the same HDD/Parent folder) and just rename the folders that are going in, for example imported as 01-01-01, i'll just rename to Paris 01-01-01 or something. Not exactly fantastic, but does the job and it's all neat and tidy.