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strange goings on

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by meh, 14 May 2006.

  1. meh


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    Hi all,

    dunno if anyone can help me with this prob but my monitor is going all wierd. Its not corruption, tears or anything to do with overclocking my grfx cards (set to x1900xt speeds). My monitor is all flickery and ermmm horizontally bouncy is the best way i can describe it. Its as tho its trying to enlarge itself all the time (no not the actual case before some silly bugga comes up with that one) ahh... stretch is the word i am looking for, its doing it now!! ARGGHHH!!!!!!! humm, how best can I put it, ok, the taskbar is either in full view, or goes, then comes back but only half is showing, same with the top half of the screen as well, not only that but i get dark and light lines horizontally as its stretching. the monitor is quite new, oldest bit of my setup to be exact, the rest is brand spankin new. can anyone fathom out what the hell im on about or do you think im just a little bit potty??

    Ive done a complete format and re-install, im up to date with DX9c, all the latest hotfixes, updates etc for XP, i have tried from 6.1 - 6.4 with the cat drivers and still get the same results. Im sure i have the ATi's setup right in crossfire mode as well, I spoke to andy who builds the systems and he asked me how theyre setup and give him the answer of diagonally from the main mastercard connector (this was when i was runnin an A8R-MVP board tho). one other thing, why do different websites and mags have the crossfire setups connected different on x1900's??? some have them connected directly below/above the main crossfire connector and some have them setup like I have??

    confused?? me too

    any help would be very much appreciated as im beggining to go a slighty mental here.

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