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Strip club etiquette.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by h4rm0ny, 16 Feb 2019.

  1. Roland Butter

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    I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that that's the first time the words " dried cervical mucus " have appeared in OCUK.
  2. Tek81


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    Blue Velvet, by any chance?
  3. Le Clandestin Brun


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    If my man goes to a hoe house just to crack one out he needs to step up his game!
  4. vanpeebles


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    If you run out of cash, don’t trying swiping your credit card between their bumcheeks as an alternative.
  5. Le Clandestin Brun


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    I'm afraid most strip joints are contactless...

  6. Devrij


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    This is representative of my experience.

    Go in, sit down with a drink and the eager girls that approach immediately you'll generally just politely say something like "we're just going to have a quick drink for now" and once you've had a look around and find a girl you like the look of, away you go. Usually there's a one song dance or 3 songs for marginally better value. Some will try to pressure you into buying them a drink (the most expensive at the bar), so just sidestep that if you can.

    Most of all, relax and enjoy yourself. It's quite a relaxing environment imo. You know exactly what the relationship is, and you can just enjoy the view.
  7. dowie

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    @OP - if you are going to get a bit silly and spend $$$ on a bottle of champagne and an hour with a girl you can generally get some value near the end of the night.

    I've only done it twice - once was about 10 years ago after a big work night out, we'd been out in the west end until about 3:30am and were debating finding another club/late night bar, I figured I'd already spent a silly amount of money and going to Sophisticats wasn't going to add much more to the bill. A ridiculously hot blonde Eastern European girl was in there, body/look a bit like Taylor Swift's circa 2015 (maybe not everyones cup of tea but I thought she was stunning). We'd got in about 4am, I immediately made eye contact with this girl, she came over straight away knowing full well I liked her. She asked if I wanted a dance, I asked how much it was for an hour in the private area (IIRC it was like £100 or £120 to her plus buying a bottle of champagne) I proposed that I'd pay that amount and buy a bottle if we could have the private room until closing time (6am). My mate then made the same deal with a brunette girl and the tight git had apparently told her that he'd share my bottle so he ended up appearing from behind the curtain in the same private area a few minutes later!!!

    Anyway, we got decent value, we'd essentially gone halves on the bottle (and we were quite drunk anyway) and each paid the equivalent of 5 or 6 dances - which is what we'd probably have spent sat in the regular area anyway - except we had our own little private area for nearly 2 hours for the price of 1 and pretty much as many dances as we wanted with the two girls. Turned out the blonde girl I'd picked had made over a grand already that night and couldn't be bothered hustling for £20 dances anymore/was more than happy to hang out with us until closing time. Anyway they were a lot of fun!

    Additional thing - if you get in a taxi and they're taking you to a strip club you don't need to bother paying the taxi driver - obviously tell them in advance that you're not expecting to pay them but they'll generally be happy to take you to whichever club you want as they get commission from the clubs anyway. (don't ask them for or listen to their recommendations though, stick to the club you want to go to).

    Strip pubs not strip clubs - there is a difference! It is more of a London thing.

    The typical set up is there is a stage where the girls go up and do a show, before each girl goes up they walk around the pub with a pint glass and collect a pound off everyone. The drinks are a bit cheaper than the typical strip club and if you want to pay a girl for a dance it is conducted away from the main bar area.

    In some London strip clubs you might well have a regular lap dance conducted where you're seated rather than in some private area and the private areas set aside just for people who are willing to buy a bottle of champagne and pay a fee for an hour with a girl. That certainly used to be the case with some of the clubs my workmates and I would occasionally go to when I was in my 20s - mostly Venus in Farringdon and Sophisticats. I did take a girl I was dating to the Windmill in Soho after we'd been to see a west end show, she was a dancer (proper dancer not stripper) and amusingly a girl she knew from her dance classes was working there - obvs we didn't pick her for a private dance but picked another girl and in that case we were lead away upstairs for it.
  8. CREATIVE!11


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    I went to a strip club with friends once....

    Pretty much I sat on a couch drinking and random girls approached me asking me if I wanted a private dance, I politely declined and some just chit chatted. Kinda like a normal bar I guess except all the women were half naked.....
  9. Rroff

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    I bet there are plenty of people who pay crazy amounts just for the company.
  10. wordy


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    Touch their privates. Strippers love it when guys get a bit handsy
  11. Jamauk

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    I presume this is the OcUK strip club in Newcastle... Now with Haribo.
  12. Cleisthenes


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    The one and only time I've ever been was when I was about 19, absolutely off my face. I got a private dance, got escorted to the cash machine in the club because I wanted another one, but my card got declined when i tried to spend 60 odd quid on a dance, 1 perk of being a broke student I guess :D

    Haven't been back since
  13. Cromulent


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    Just don't touch.
  14. the_jetsetwilly


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    Well after reading this thread any interest i may of had of ever going into such a place has well and truly vanished.

    Be sure to let us know how you get on though
  15. builder22


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    I remember going to a place in London...think it was The Golden Axe. Can't remember which way round it was but it was either a strippers until 11-12pm then it turned in to some crazy country hoedown type affair. Or it started off as the hoedown then the strippers came out after all the country dancing was finished!
  16. billysielu


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    They come over and talk to you, kinda like when you shop in Currys.
    It's basically just annoying.
    Rather stay at home.
  17. LeeUK


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    Rather go to a brothel or one of those quasi massage parlours that do HE than being ripped off in some dodgy bar.
  18. Mr^B


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    Golden Axe is a side-scrolling game for the SEGA series of consoles

    Ye Olde Axe is a gentleman's establishment, based at 69 Hackney Road, and the only "hoedown" I've seen there had very little to do with country dancing.
  19. builder22


    Joined: 14 Dec 2005

    Posts: 3,676

    I'm telling ya....accordions, haybales, the lot

    tbh memory is a bit sketchy....but it was definitely a live band, 90% sure it was country style music/dancing

    the girls were a bit rough tho, can remember that....in comparison to the one other time I'd been to a strippers in Edinburgh
  20. Lord-Jaffa


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    Ah Harem club in Germany, so many memories. The ones full of eastern europeans are the best, 10/10s everywhere.