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Stuck : Madden 06 & Oblivion

Discussion in 'Console Games & Hardware' started by Windle, 4 May 2006.

  1. Windle


    Joined: 19 Oct 2002

    Posts: 14,155

    Location: Scotland

    Ok, on Madden 06 on the 360 how do you Unlock an RS Card? :confused:

    On Oblivion, i'm on the final Thieves guild quest. I've fenced 1000 gold, and it's telling me to wait. I've stood in Imperial City for 3 game days, hopped about a bit and still nobody has contacted me. Whats up with that? :confused:
  2. NokkonWud


    Joined: 1 Oct 2004

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    Location: Redcar

    Press the right stick down on Madden on a roster screen.

    Yup, it's that simple.