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Suddenly lost more then 90 gigs!!!! plz help

Discussion in 'Storage Drives' started by subc, 21 Jan 2006.

  1. subc


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    Because i have a problem with another drive i hooked up my Wester digital 160gig hdd to transfer data from one hard drive to the other. After finishing a transfer of around 60gigs, i tried opening the folders in the WD hdd and it was always saying that they were corrupted, only 2 worked. I restarted the computer and now when i click on the G drive in my computer it asks me if i want to format it!!!! WHAt the heck

    I just lost more then 90 gigs here or what???
    I don't understand what happened suddenly and if i format it will this reproduce. I would REALLY like to retrieve wut was on it though!!!

    as a reminder: the wd hdd that suddenly completely ***** was a storage hdd, and im scared that if i format, transfer data, that this will happen again