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Superman reboot (again)

Discussion in 'Music, Box Office, TV & Books' started by Bigpig, 26 Feb 2021.

  1. alchal

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  2. McPhee


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    Personally, I think Cavil was a great Superman. But he's better off out of there. The DCEU is just a huge mess.

    As for the black Superman rumour... always difficult ground. Do they go with Kal-El, and have the actor portray him as he should be? Do they change aspects of the character to be more appropriate to the recasting? Or do they use a completely different character, who holds the title of Superman? Of those, the first two are both iffy. The third could be great though.
  3. EddScott


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    Quite like the idea of a black non gender specific sup.

    SuperThey :)
  4. Bigpig


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    The black Superman is Calvin Ellis (Kal-El). Clark is still white. I'm guess they will go with that
  5. wolfie138


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    they could split the difference to cover all bases - Clark Kent could be white, but he turns into a black female.
  6. Malevolence


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    Clark Kent: Jonah Hill
    Supes: Leslie Jones

    Just let that nightmare sink in and fester.
  7. Gerard


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    Do we really need yet another reboot? Having to watch essentially the same origin story gets boring. Just cast Cavill again ffs.
  8. TheOracle


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    I've always thought a superman movie, shown from a different perspective would be good. Perhaps him struggling with mental health, in that he's a god like creature having to decide who gets saved and who doesn't. I highly doubt it would go down well with the american (to hell with the storyline, give me cgi and nonstop action) audience.

    Although, reading the first few pages of the wandavision thread, I'm not sure many over here would like it :D

    If it's another, baby arrives on earth, grows up in secret, government are after him, saves a girl, races a train, fights a crap bald villan then I'm out.
  9. SPG


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    Why does everything have to evolve around some kind of "issue" its getting bloody tiresome.
  10. Robi_uk


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    I just want to watch a movie for some entertainment, as long as it has good acting and a good story that's all that is needed.
    I am into pretty much anything, Action, Thriller , Sci-Fi, Comedy etc.
    However all these remakes start to get boring, I rather watch something original.
  11. Tombstone


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    That was one of the things I liked about the movie Brightburn, which kind of shows what might have occurred if the kid had arrived on earth with the powers and been "evil"
  12. TheOracle


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    Yeah. I'd love to see some kind of a drama movie rather than the traditional comic book style. Let's face it, comic book movies have been done to death.