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SUS Windows updates & group policy

Discussion in 'Windows & Other Software' started by Spider, 10 Mar 2006.

  1. Spider


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    We’re running a SUS update service on our Win2k3 server to distribute windows updates and security fixes to all clients. The settings are applied via group policy and the system works in as far as it does download approved updates and installs them at a specified time.
    However, it doesn’t do this transparently – I don’t want any user intervention, I’d like it to download & install all approved updates without anything on screen (currently it pops up with a five minute timer allowing the user to approve or cancel the install) or any facility for the user to cancel the updates.

    Is there any way I can force "silent" updates so all machines are patched 100% transparent to, and independent of, the user?

  2. Crazy Squirrel


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    We have the following Group Policy settings for SUS:

    Configure Automatic Updates
    *4 - Auto download and schedule the install
    *Every Day

    Sepcify intranet microsoft update services location

    No auto-restart for scheduled Automatic Update Installtions

    Only user interaction is on updates that require a restart a restart box pops up after install (no timer). The no button is greyed out to users but the window can be moved out of the way until convienient, bit of a pain it is on top though.