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Suspected Monitor/Graphics card problem

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by MiGSY, 7 Mar 2006.

  1. MiGSY


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    Over the past few months I've started to notice distruptions to my monitor display.

    Every so often, usually only a few times a day at the most, the monitor display will shrink a little and fade then suddenly pop back up normal. Kind of similar to when you turn a TV off, except the display returns to normal straight after.

    Also, occasionally the monitor display will change brightness, going darker, then return to normal again.

    And ideas what is going on here? I'm guessing something is beginning die.

    I've got a Samsung SM1100DF CRT monitor and a X800XT PE.
  2. semi-pro waster

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    I'd think it was the monitor as a more likely culprit than the graphics card, the symptoms you describe sound like a CRT tube on the way out. You could try seeing if you can clean it but before even thinking about removing the cover be sure you know what you are doing as it is easy to damage either it or you. I suspect the problem is due to build-ups of dust on your CRT, CRTs are self cleaning in that they will burn off the dust but it is unfortunate that the melting point of solder is that much lower than that of dust and hence you get problems ;)