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Swapping Sims between iPhone and BB

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones & Tablets' started by aumz, 10 Apr 2010.

  1. aumz


    Joined: 6 Feb 2003

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    Location: Sutton

    I have an O2 Contract with the BB Storm 2, with the Blackberry Unlimited Internet Bolt On

    I will however want to switch the sim between a BB and an iPhone. All I want on the iPhone is the Unlimited Data. I do not care about the visual voicemail or the WiFi hotspots as I never use them.

    Is thhere any settings on the iPhone to make sure I do not get charged for my data as O2 say I would have to phone them and ask them to switch between the iPhone and BB bolt on as and when required. This is too much of a hassle.

    Can anyone help....Thank You
  2. Yas786


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    I dont think you can in all honesty...the BB data is routed through BB servers...one of the reasons why it isnt as fast at web browsing as the iphone is.

    So swapping sims and then using data on the iphone will probably incur charges as the BB needs a specific data plan usually called BIS etc.

    Im 110% sure so id suggest giving O2 a ring and see what they say.
  3. JamesRJ

    Wise Guy

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    I currently do this with a storm 2 and a 3g iphone. I have a voda bis contract. The iphone just has standard voda settings in it. Haven't been charged for data so far