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System spec and some opinions please...

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by cu3ed, 30 May 2006.

  1. cu3ed


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    Alittle over 5 months ago i though id take it upon myself to build a PC myself, which thanks to the MANY well written articles on this very site, i succeeded!

    Bearing in mind that i had VERY little understanding of the hardware, although im just getting my head around RAM timing's and such, and slowly but surly getting into overclocking everything, which is strangly addictive.

    But, its been awhile and i think i may need to few updates, so im looking for a few ideas how to improve things alittle.

    One big thing i hardly ever play games on it, but i ave seen a few games that i might be interested in.

    This is my current spec

    Intel Pentium 4 640 "LGA775 Prescott" 3.2GHz
    Sapphire ATI Radeon X800 GT 256MB
    GeIL 2GB (4x512MB) PC5300 667MHz Value DDR2 Dual Channel Kit
    Abit AW8-MAX Intel 955X (LGA775) PCI-Express Motherboard
    Akasa Eclipse-62 Aluminum Case
    Western Digital Caviar Special Edition 200GB 2000JS SATA-II 8MB Cache
    Western Digital Caviar SE16 320GB 3200KS SATA-II 16MB Cache
    Seagate 120GB SATA II 8MB Cache
    Antec TruePower 2.0 430W PSU
    Zalman CNPS7700-CU Ultra-Quiet CPU
    Panasonic SW-9584-CF 16 x 16 DVD±RW Dual Layer ReWriter
    Linksys WMP54G Wireless-G PCI Adapter (NW-003-LS)
    Akasa AK-183-L2B Ultra Quiet 120mm Fan - 3 pin (FG-024-AK)
    Akasa All-In-One 21 Function Panel
    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatal1ty FPS Edition

    I know i didnt need to list everything, its just much easier to copy and paste everything.

    Was looking at the...

    HIS Excalibur ATI Radeon X1800 GTO ICEQ3 SILENT TURBO 256MB GDDR3

    ...as a possible upgrade, yes? no?.sorry to be such a noob, but ive always got good info from here.

    Plus to ad the excellant service (even when i needed a faulty bit replaced), from OC's.

    Any help appreciated.
  2. BigDom

    Wise Guy

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    Well it is an upgrade but not a big one. Better options are the X1800XT, 7900GT or X1900GTO - in that order.
  3. semi-pro waster

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    Got to agree with BigDom that an X1800XT or 7900gt will be a much better option however it all depends on how much you are willing to spend. I'm not so sure on the X1900GT as I don't know enough about it yet.