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TBFME2: Collector's Edition Extras?

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by xbeanx3000, 15 Feb 2006.

  1. xbeanx3000


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    The differences between the collector's and normal version isn't clear to me. Some sites give a list of the extras, but they throw up many questions.

    Firstly, there's something about the collector's edition having "gorgeous high resolution map of Middle-earth" (so normal version is in low-rez?), "mastered in HD for the ultimate high resolution experience on your PC" (this a general statement?), "in-game cinematics and trailers in high resolution and surround sound" (so they made grainy/low-rez movies for the plain version on purpose, to capitalise later, and then vanilla stereo?).

    What really gets me is that they would make low-rez movies on purpose, and charge you to have them in high resolution.

    Lastly, I know about some of the other extra content (special unit(s)/extra effects), and was wondering if this could be 'cracked' in the vaillna version? A bit like when the lion in Black & White 2 could be cracked/patched in to the original version.
  2. Rincewind


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    well the tiger was EA's fault... imagine putting it on the public FTP, 'twas a bit silly... but no crack talk on here... the words "of course" would come to mind though.