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temporary lockups on keyboard with new gfx

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by peetee, 28 Jan 2006.

  1. peetee


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    just got a new gfx card, finally, x800xt pe, removed all my old nvidia drivers and reinstalled the chipset drivers etc and then installed the new catalysts on my system, when i play bf2(recommends me to use HIGH settings on practically everything but i put it down to normal + lower res so ill never get any stutters) the keyboard seems to lockup once in a while which leaves me unable to do anything, usually meaning i get slaughtered... Im thinking this could be down to the gfx drivers being built for SP2, which i dont have and thus possibly causing a conflict with something once in a while? I dont have this problem on quake4 or anything, and iv left that on its recommended high settings .. any ideas anyone? A temp fix until i get my xp cd+key back so i can whack sp2 on, since im sure it'll add a performance boost too!