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Tesco Direct - Pure Lies

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by chenko, 15 Oct 2009.

  1. chenko


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

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    I'm not the type to buy IT stuff for ridiculous prices from their catalogue, but I was flicking through and noticed a section on "Networking cables - Don't forget to check if you need cables".

    In it, it has a comparison on Cat5(not e, well not mentioned anyway) to Cat6

    [sarcasm]Yea, because Cat5 is SOOOOOOO slow it cannot even keep up with N[/sarcasm]

    What's worse is the next line (talking about RJ11)...
    What total rubbish... a good cable might be better than a totally rubbish cable that is raped to **** and 300 miles line, but 10x? WTF.

    Speed reference shows more like Dial up to ADSL speeds, but it doesn't mention this, it mentions the cable will increase the speed.

    And people will believe this, do they deserve to be tricked simply because they are stupid?

    Who the hell writes this stuff... I don't know what is worse, someone who knows what they are doing, or someone that doesn't know what they are doing.
  2. Caged


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

    Posts: 24,110

    Well Category 5 (not E) is rated to 100 Mbps, so recommending Cat 6 for use with a 802.11n router which can do 600Mbps and is likely to have gigabit ports isn't really such a bad idea. Of course Cat5e does gigabit just fine and you'd struggle to find Cat5 that isn't 'e' anywhere.

    Can't defend the thing about the phone cable though, it won't make a difference.
  3. JonJ678


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    Location: England

    Amusing. What was the cost per meter for the cat5(e)?
  4. V-Spec


    Joined: 8 Jun 2005

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    Location: London

    lol load of rubbish.

    I don't even think you can buy Cat5 cable anymore, its all Cat5e which is fine for 1Gbps... Cat 6 cable on the other hand will do 10Gbps and is designed with better noise reduction.

    Its not the first time, a large PC superstore were selling packs of Cat 6 cable "recommened for broadband" not long ago.
  5. TbirdX

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 30 May 2003

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    Because of course, all people who don't know what cat 5 cables are, are stupid aren't they. :rolleyes:
  6. HazardO


    Joined: 16 Jun 2009

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    Location: Cambridge

    CAT5e will do 10Gbps upto 40m ;)
    It's CAT6a which is rated for 10Gbit upto 100m, CAT 6 isn't.
  7. VeNT


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    Location: Cornwall

    tbh I don't read them because they make me angry