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The beginning of the end for E3?

Discussion in 'Console Games & Hardware' started by Steedie, 1 Aug 2006.

  1. Steedie

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    Read here

    What is your opinion in this guys?

    I personally think moving it to hotels for a more intimate feel to it is gonna completely ruin the whole experience that makes E3 so great. Sure all under on roof they'res hundreds of people in queues, not alot of room and stuff, but it creates a great atmosphere and fits perfectly for the theme.

    Little press conferences in tiny rooms is just gonna be stupid imo

    I could be wrong and hope I am, but i just think alot of companies are gonna start taking E3 less seriously now
  2. cheets64


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    I dont think it will bother the fans who dont go, we are gonna still see the games but not so OTT.
  3. JayCee


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    I am too far from LA to care to be honest. The same news will come out of E3 with less of the "booth babes" and scary costumes.
  4. da_mic_1530


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    before any one else posts it i may aswell

    the lastest sony bashing is that sony helped to the downfall of e3 after their poor showing at e3 this year

    tbh i think its a shame if e3 goes, although ive heard rumours around the web its not quite dead yet
  5. cheets64


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    I always love e3 but when it comes round you have a few days to get so much info on new games and consoles, its overload.
  6. fatmas


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    E3 cannot die.. It will always live on in our hearts :rolleyes:

    I'm sure it will still be a good event no matter where it's held