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The Care and Feeding of 4870 Crossfire with a Q6600

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by Arthalen, 3 Oct 2009.

  1. Arthalen

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    Well, you might remember a recent thread in CPU about me wanting an interim upgrade from my old Xeon X3210 Quad to something 45nm to get a better clock and feed my Crossfire better.

    Well, it didn't happen in the end - financial concerns have prevented me from putting the cash together to get the 9550 or 9650 I originally wanted. So I settled for selling the X3210 that I had clocked upto 3.2Ghz for £80 and buying a Q6600 thats known to do 3.6Ghz @1.4v for .... £80.

    Also, on the side I've managed to buy up some tasty Dominator PC8500 memory to replace the OCZ Bog Standard Gold series memory I had before hand, to better help me get past 400FSB (If I can). Again, with the way its worked out its cost me £2.

    Thanks go to: GT_Junkie, Meatloaf, W3bbo, The_Asgard for the keen sales I've made this rig out of :)

    I've been without the X3210 for a couple of weeks, so in that time I've managed to completely strip my A70B Case out, clean it and get rid of the dust. I've also stripped out the hard drive cages and replaced with a HotSwap HD Drive Caddy for the 5.25" bays.

    So this afternoon, I'm now completely rebuilding my rig from the ground up and will begin clocking like mad :D


    More to come when the Rig is built and OS installed, as I begin clocking it and testing the Crossfire performance :D