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The church made of 40,000 human bones.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Edrof, 2 Jun 2010.

  1. Edrof


    Joined: 16 Nov 2009

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    Location: UK

  2. RopAyy

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 1 Feb 2010

    Posts: 1,472

    Location: London

    That is pretty magnificent, i wouldn't mind taking a trip to see that myself!
    Id much rather be a coat of arms then stuck 6ft under :D
  3. twist3d0n3


    Joined: 3 Aug 2008

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    Location: Bath, England

    looks like my basement
  4. Aedus


    Joined: 16 Aug 2009

    Posts: 8,575

    Location: Luton, England

    Looks like my closet
  5. V4NT0M


    Joined: 18 Jan 2007

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    Location: Land of the Scots

    It's not "made of" 40,000 bones, it's decorated with an indeterminate amount of bones from 40,000 corpses.
  6. apatia77


    Joined: 25 Mar 2005

    Posts: 4,774


    But looks very interesting anyway. Not something you can see or be in everyday.
  7. RopAyy

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 1 Feb 2010

    Posts: 1,472

    Location: London

    unless you live in the church.....:rolleyes:
  8. Tikkabhuna


    Joined: 14 Mar 2010

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    Location: Suffolk/Bournemouth(Uni)

    Why didn't they put them into dance poses? They could of had a whole bone rave with all them. :D
  9. Dr House


    Joined: 17 Oct 2002

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    Location: London / Prague

    I have been there many times, Its worth seeing.
  10. Davies_M

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 16 Aug 2009

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    Location: South Wales/USA

    I've been there. Pretty get gets very boring after a while 'Ooh more bones, oh ooh look more, oh look that one's smiling!'

    Kidding, the architecture is marvelous. I'll see if I can find a pic. This was a few years back so not sure if I have it on this computer.


    I also advise everyone to go to Prague, beautiful city. The air is foul though, but the sights sure do make up for it.
  11. SkeeterUK


    Joined: 24 Oct 2005

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    Location: North East

    Skeletors castle in it?
  12. scorza


    Joined: 22 Jun 2004

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    Location: Deep England

    It's not a Church either, but an Ossuary :)
  13. Stewy


    Joined: 16 Feb 2009

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    Location: :)

    Wow that's erm... interesting. Pretty freaky though tbh.
  14. Smit


    Joined: 6 Mar 2003

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    Location: West Lothian

    It's pretty cool but it's only really worth going once IMO
  15. Crizzy

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 31 May 2007

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    Location: Bristol

    Saw this on Ewan Mcgregor and Charlie Boorman's Long Way Round, looks fascinating.
  16. slambo69


    Joined: 28 Feb 2006

    Posts: 3,819

    Location: Aberdeen

    Ye its cool. The place where it is, Kutna Hora, is a really nice place. I think the centre is a UNESCO heritage site, lots of medieval buildings. Also there is a really lage cathederal there, called Barbarossa I think, its incredibly large for the size of town.
  17. KaHn


    Joined: 13 Oct 2004

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    Location: South Shields

    What happens with the guy whos bones become the crapper?

  18. cm1179


    Joined: 30 Sep 2009

    Posts: 3,627

    i didn't think the air was foul but would've liked to have visited this church but had never heard of it
  19. Col_M


    Joined: 17 Jan 2005

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    Location: London

    Not been there yet, will have to make a trip to Kutna Hora :) I also can't see it as a being a place to take a chick on a date though.

    What's the deal with the bad air though? I've lived here for 3 years, I'm from Devon where the air is pretty good and not noticed it was any worse.
  20. slambo69


    Joined: 28 Feb 2006

    Posts: 3,819

    Location: Aberdeen

    Ha dont be so sure, I took a Russian bird there and she was obsessed, took like a hundred pictures. Its a nice place though, not that much to do but worth a day to wonder round, some nice little hops and cafes.

    I cant imagine the air in Prague being that bad, theres not really any massive streets and traffic jams are limited and the trams are fairly clean pollution wise. Can be dusty I suppose.