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The council gets it right (IMO)!

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by Samtheman1k, 14 Jul 2006.

  1. starscream


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    I am very distasfeful of the BNP, but regardless of my viewpoints I believe it is the right of anyone to belong to a political party and for that to not infringe on their job, provided they don't abuse any position of authority. Unfortuntely it is very difficult to prove in circumastances like this, but IMO they need to be given the benefit of the doubt, until there is evidence to the contrary.
  2. robmiller


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    Feel free to be a member of the KKK and teach children, so long as you stick to the curriculum then you're fine. Personal politics have no impact on your classroom performance as long as you stick to the curriculum and rules of employment.

    A KKK member might hate all black pupils but so long as they don't act on that hatred then all's well.

    I would trust a member of the KKK to stick to the curriculum just as much as any other teacher, really.