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The Dell 2405 on this weeks special?

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by AFK_Matrix, 27 Mar 2006.

  1. AFK_Matrix

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    Ok I am seriously tempted to go for this before thursday as its £200 quid off the dell price. I have seen it like £100 pounds cheaper elsewhere but with only 3years warranty so it works out at around £216 per year or if i go for the OCUK one at 4 years warranty its £185 per year which doesn't sound too harsh lol.

    Now just had a few questions to clear things up for me once and for all.

    First is I am almost positive the Dell 2405 was on special for around £728 but it is now £740?? Was there a sly price rise?? :confused:

    Also regarding the 4 years warranty. If say the monitor decided to break down after 3 years does that mean dell will send me a new monitor without charging me? And would that replacement monitor be an old refurbished 2405 or will i be oh so lucky and get a 2407?

    Thanks, kind of need an answer if possible before thursday :)
  2. jcat98


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    Yes, the price has gone up since I ordered mine on saturday.

    As for the details of the warranty - I have no idea - when mine arrives I'll read the small print :)
  3. kinggost

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    with dell you contact them then its a collect and return so you get one straight away but normaly they refurbs
  4. bbreezeuk


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    wait for the new one to be released which will bump prices down on the old one even more
  5. kinggost

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    or just get one while you got the money before you get some thing else