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The Mandalorian

Discussion in 'US TV shows discussion.' started by the shadow, 5 Oct 2018.

  1. V_R


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    Well that was great!
  2. Somnambulist


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    Got a bit silly with how many times they had to have the same scene of ‘walks into force-field, gets blown back, says he’ll try and hold them off’ but otherwise a good shift of the plot forward and a wet-dream for SW nerds. Still feels a bit weird they’ve got an actor of Pedro’s calibre for the role but hey-ho.

    So with 2 episodes left we have next week where he’ll recruit Bill Burr, Bo-Katan and maybe Ahsoka will show up after being given her lead on Thrawn, for a last episode on the Imperial Cruiser. Merry Christmas.

    EDIT - also RIP Razor Crest, you took a beating this season and just when things were looking up...
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  3. richyfingers

    Wise Guy

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    That was frikkin awesome. I let out so many nerdy squeels during that episode.
  4. Kainz


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    That was brilliant! How many sodding storm troopers were in that tiny ship though? Seems like it was never ending lol. Had to laugh at the start bits on the ship.
  5. Gerard


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    Knocked it out of the park again with this one, i think they've really got their episode length dialled in well as it leaves you wanting more.

    Says a lot that a TV series seems to be getting better reviews than the 3 (main) movies they **** out 5 minutes after they bought the franchise.
  6. Pigeon_Killer


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    Best episode of the series, loved every minute this week.

    I still refuse to believe how old Ming-na Wen is :o
  7. Gerard


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  8. tracertong

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 25 Oct 2007

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    Dare I say best episode yet ? That was superb.
  9. Efour


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  10. chroniclard


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    Great episode, wish they were a bit longer though, they seem a tad rushed when they are only 30 minutes.:)
  11. "andy"


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    Never been big into star wars but been watching mandalorian after getting a Disney trial and wanting to watch something different (to me)

    Been enjoying it but have really enjoyed the last two episodes
  12. Rroff

    Man of Honour

    Joined: 13 Oct 2006

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    Felt a lot longer than 30 minutes to be fair.

    Overall liked it though as above it gets a bit tedious on things like how many times he walked into the forcefield with the same result.
  13. Malevolence


    Joined: 21 Oct 2011

    Posts: 16,560

    OK, who else's inner child let out a little scream of joy the moment that Slave I flew into view?
  14. Ayahuasca


    Joined: 23 Apr 2014

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    Brilliant episode
  15. woppy101


    Joined: 14 Oct 2007

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    Class episode, almost on par with last week
  16. Nitefly

    Man of Honour

    Joined: 24 Sep 2005

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    Have finally caught up with this show so I can have a say, hooray!

    It's.... overall very watchable. In some areas its very good / great, but in others it's simply OK.

    The world and exploring of the universe is definitely the strongest part of it. Really cool to see the less shiny and grittier parts of the universe. Cool set up. Pleasing humour at times. Some great (albeit shallow) characters. There is a lot of "dumb" but that's fine and I'm quite partial to a nice slab of pleasing "dumb". A minor gripe is that Gustavo Fring really needs to **** off, he is all over the place playing the same character and it's just annoying.

    My only major gripe is that there is absolutely no character development or intriguing conflict, at all. Never have you had to go "hmm what are they going to do?" or "oooo that's tricky". So I'm not supremely invested in it. I don't really watch many TV shows but I tend to hold them to a much higher standard than films because they are much longer and I feel they really have to justify their length.

    As for the most recent episode, it did baffle me a little whilst watching. So we had a showdown with Boba Fett and our hero, where they were holding baby Yoda to ransom - they agreed not to harm him. Then at the end of the episode, they decided that they would extend the deal so that they would help return baby Yoda to Mando from the empire. What?! Did I just miss a whole chunk of dialogue (quite possible) or is that an extremely strange turn of events? :o :p

    Not a huge fan of generic 'death robots' and persistently useless storm troopers, but I can still have a fun time with it.
  17. Ryan-3


    Joined: 14 Sep 2009

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    Location: Northumberland

    100%. Giancarlo and Charles Dance must both have a back catalogue of them playing the same character in about 20 different places. Must get boring for them surely...

    Agreed with the shallow character development though. I expected Boba to return him somewhere since he no longer has a ship, but now Mando has 'his word' in order to help with the safety of the child from a quick and cut-short dialogue. Last two episodes have been good watches, however.
  18. Uncle Petey


    Joined: 22 Jul 2012

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    I hate to be picky with this show, but the amount of times troopers with guns ran in to go hand to hand for no reason was as bad as TDKR.

    Other than that (ok, and the let's stand out out in the open while being shot at from every angle and not die part), t'was awesome. Woo.
  19. Terminal_Boy


    Joined: 13 Apr 2013

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    Stormtroopers that couldn’t hit Gemma Collins if they were inside her are Star Wars cannon since Episode 4. Only Obi Wan seemed to think they had any marksmanship skills at all.

    I think the Empire use Soviet era infantry doctrine. Throw enough clones and blaster rounds at something and they’ll win eventually.
  20. steve5424

    Wise Guy

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    Boba wanted his armour back. That was why the stand off. Once he got it he was happy to help Mando get the child back.