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The perfect budget?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Madals, 22 Aug 2010.

  1. Madals


    Joined: 2 Aug 2010

    Posts: 141

    Location: Sussex

    Hi people,
    I have been wondering this recently so thought I would get a discussion going about it - What is the perfect budget?
    By this I mean where do you feel is the happy balance between performance and price for a gaming computer.
    So, What is your price and why do you feel that way?

  2. stulid

    Capo Crimine

    Joined: 17 Jan 2010

    Posts: 66,847

    Location: weston-super-mare

  3. Freddie589

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 4 Jun 2010

    Posts: 1,279

    probably around £800 without a moniter, i usally set prices first before looking for example saying i will spend £115 on a motherboard and £90 on RAM etc.. i find its the easiest way to stick to your budget :)
  4. billysielu


    Joined: 9 Aug 2009

    Posts: 12,112

    Location: Oxfordshire

    1400 for a base unit
  5. Anewbe4u

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 26 Dec 2003

    Posts: 2,217

    Well, building soon and £900 seems a pretty good target to aim for, that's with a monitor.
  6. macca672


    Joined: 20 Mar 2005

    Posts: 3,111

    Location: Leicester

    budgets are made to be broken ;)
  7. Madals


    Joined: 2 Aug 2010

    Posts: 141

    Location: Sussex

    Should have added, all without monitors.
  8. Cycrow


    Joined: 11 Nov 2003

    Posts: 2,961

    Location: London

    id say about £700-800.

    will get u a pretty decent base unit without going top end.

    something like an i5/GTX460 would come in that budget.

    obviously if you want to go top end, that budget would have to be much higher, but then at that point, the extra price you pay doesn't equal the extra performance u will get
  9. admoo


    Joined: 10 Mar 2010

    Posts: 401

    I'd say £1200 was probably a good amount. You can get high end stuff, without going for the absolute best of each component.
    Last edited: 22 Aug 2010
  10. Grimley


    Joined: 18 Nov 2007

    Posts: 7,359

    Location: Deepest Darkest Essex!!

    I set my budget for a complete build at £1k, £500 for partial upgrade. (CPU/MOBO/RAM)
  11. Nico_Joey


    Joined: 3 Mar 2008

    Posts: 909

    Location: Land Based

    £1000-1400 For a tower from scratch.

    The extra £100-200 spent on higher quality brands and longer warranties really help the re-sale value of the individual parts when you decide to upgrade.
  12. RJC


    Joined: 29 May 2005

    Posts: 28,817

    Location: Kent

    Without monitor I would look around £800.00, I might go a little more if it's worth it.
  13. zapgod


    Joined: 17 Feb 2009

    Posts: 261

    1500 with a great monitor + great case. 2 less regarded but really important components of a system if u ask me.
  14. mattyfez


    Joined: 12 Apr 2007

    Posts: 9,758

    I would say £700 - £900 without a monitor, that will get you something pretty kick-ass.

    A recent observation I made is people over-spend on motherboards, mine cost £85 :D
    To spend more than £150 on a mobo seems mad to me. Whilst they may have the potential to OC further, you have to ask if 2/300mhz is worth and extra money/hours spent benching.
  15. sjcf1


    Joined: 19 Aug 2009

    Posts: 972

    Location: West Yorkshire/Birmingham

    That's a tough one, if its the money that I have now, it would the cheapest of the best available at the time.

    If it was what I'd have in the future, I'd do the same as above, being a yorkshire man:p
  16. Craig321


    Joined: 2 May 2004

    Posts: 19,974

    If I was to buy a PC right now, £2000. I refuse to buy a full new PC that doesn't have a solid state and at least as much RAM as I currently have.

    The £2k includes a ~£500 screen though, so £1500 for base.
  17. Mr Krugga


    Joined: 16 Oct 2009

    Posts: 8,903

    Location: Essex

    Wasn't even trying to get it to £800 but here it is:

  18. egnshane


    Joined: 14 Jul 2009

    Posts: 415

    Location: Manchester

    £800 - £1000 for the base unit I would say
  19. iBSOD

    Wise Guy

    Joined: 7 Aug 2010

    Posts: 1,324

    Location: Chelmsford

    The perfect budget, isn't.

    What I mean is, the perfect budget for a PC is infinite.

    But I'd buy an Asus for £2k. Or if Vadim didn't go bankrupt, buy a £14k monster gaming rig :D
  20. PhoenixUK


    Joined: 11 Apr 2008

    Posts: 3,908

    Location: Sheffield

    It all depends on what resolutions and what games you play at.

    If you play max res on 24" then preferably around 800.

    If you play at lower res, then usually a budget around 600 would be just fine.

    Also if you're building a new complete build first time I'd spend more on things like monitor, case, psu and mice, maybe soundcard and speakers/headsets as those last usually through several upgrades and it's nice to not skimp on those, that brings the budget quite up but after you've got nice set then the next upgrades/builds can be had for as low as 300-400 for a quality setup.

    The main thing that many have to realise is that future proofing doesn't exist anymore, buy what you need for now and upgrade in a few months/year, keeping same PC for longer than 2yrs is just un-economical.