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Thinking about Water OC'ing (Temps Expected)

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by n30_mkii, 28 May 2006.

  1. n30_mkii

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    I have been thinking about watercooling my rig for a while now. I would like to see some potential temps before and after watercooling if possible.

    My current rig is in my sig.... Current CPU temps go from 28*-40* under load
    but my X1800 XT goes from 44*-78* under load, both are overclocked (see sig)

    I would be looking at getting a 120/2 rad and cooling my GPU and CPU first of all. I would then maybe look at cooling the northbridge afterwards. If i introduce water cooling, do most people still have case fans running for cooling HDDs etc? or just the Rad fans?

    Also are there any up-to-date articles on the net about best components etc. I have a coolermaster stacker and would like to keep all of the cooling within the case if possible. (Its a pretty big case), anyone got any feedback on how well cooling works in this case, and layouts used etc?

    Any help appreciated!
  2. Combat squirrel


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    YOo ! as far as watercooling the cpu, if its struggling on 2.6 now you wont get much more out of it, my (same xp-120) heatsink handles a 2.8 san diago no problems, so will handle yours, whats your core voltage? it can handle upto about 1.54v on an xp-120

    As for the GPU, you would see massive reductions in temps (load temps around 45ish), but you could always just get a thermal take tide water me thingy mejig which would be easier.

    If your not gonna see it you can save money on non UV stuff, but if its for looks it would look sweet and help overall temps, you will still need some fans blowing through the case for airflow

    All in all, not for CPU outlay aint worth it, GPU yes, could just do one loop for GPU, less hassle, if want some proper good clocks from CPU, get a phasechange for £250 2nd hand, would see 3.1ghz I reckon with -40 temps :cool:

    Or save all your money, flog the A64 and board, get yourself a conroe and DFI board, jobs good-un, try and get a bracket to fit the XP-120 on the conroe, as all new cpus are úber low voltage an xp-120 would handle good clocks on them
  3. weescott


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    I would start off just cooling the CPU, I recon 2.8 should be on. You wont gain much with water on the GPU.

    But on the other hand, as stated above - conroe...mmmm.
  4. daven1986


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    you will gain a lot by watercooling the gpu, with watercooling gpu should be at about 50 on load, and cpu should be about 10degrees above ambient.

    dont watercool northbridge as it kills flow use a passive heatsink for that, also you do need some case fans.

  5. Creidiki


    Joined: 11 Nov 2005

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    Actually, with good water CPU and GPU load temps will be well under 40c @ stock, and under 45c @ max oc.

    My 170 (IHS still on) hits 41.5c @ 2.95GHz, 1.425v... and thats with undervolted yate loon d12sl-12s (45cfm)

    As for nb, as stated above dont if you can use a good passive cooler. If you MUST use a NB block, get a swifty MCW30 or Ek WaterBlocks NF4. The alphacool one so many people's imaginations latch onto its a real flowkiller, and its totally unnecessary - the mcw30 has no channels, its a flat copper surface, and it still keeps NBs under 50c, which is all that needed.
    Last edited: 28 May 2006