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This is pretty cool

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ex-RoNiN, 5 Feb 2006.

  1. Ex-RoNiN


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  2. b (thats it)


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    hehe, I like it :D
  3. iCraig


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    You are hearing what you are told is there.

    If you listened to the reverse sample without the reverse "message" you wouldn't be able to make it out.

    However the message in Pink Floyd - Empty Spaces is a real one, as you can tell, the voice is truly in reverse.
  4. WHAT!!!

    Wise Guy

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    pretty cool but its been posted before and i've seen before :)
  5. Chronos-X


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    I've not seen the Eminem one before :)
  6. Psyk


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    I'm pretty sure the Led Zeppelin one is real aswell. The britney spears one does sound fairly convincing but it could be coincidence I suppose.