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Time to make some changes...

Discussion in 'Sports Arena' started by Moley, 4 Jun 2010.

  1. Moley


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    I've noticed a few threads in her from people wanting to get fit - some just casually, some because of potentially serious illness - and whilst I normally frequent the GD and SC forums and wouldn't be seen dead in here..... well I'm kinda having a change of heart.

    My wife gave birth just over a month ago to my beautiful baby daughter and this has caused me to re-evaluate a few things in my life - most significant of which is the realisation that next year I am going to be 40 and if I don't make some changes to my lifestyle I might not live long enough to see my grand children. A very scary thought.

    So what's the score? Well I'm 39 years old (just) something like 5'7" tall, weight floats between 10.5 and 11.5 stone and I found out last year that I have high cholesterol. I found out because my mum found out and her Doctor suggested we all get tested as it was likely to be hereditary and her dad died at 56 of a massive heart attack.

    If you look at me, I look pretty slim (apart from my belly) but apparently cholesterol is all on the inside and you can be as skinny as rake and still have a problem.

    Now I don't exercise - never been a big fan and frankly I'm quite lazy. I also like to eat well and regularly (maybe once a week) eat stuff like bacon, sausages, cheese, eggs, pate... etc. I've pretty much laid off the takeaways (once a fortnight maybe) and really don't drink anymore (once a month maybe). I know there is a lot I can do to improve my diet. In fact any suggestions to wean me off my sugar cravings and improve my energy throughout the day would be most welcome!

    In order to see my baby girl grow up and have a family of my own I am willing to make changes and I really think I ought to do this before I'm 40 or I may never do it.

    Exercise suggestions, diet suggestions all welcome.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. burtie

    Wise Guy

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    You could try joining your local gym and getting some advice from their about diet and Exercise.

    Walking, jogging, swimming are good things to start with :) the fact your thinking about it's great It took me ages from thinking about It to doing It.

    You'll need to put a stop to the bacon and the sausages and the cheese for a while.
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  3. SMlFFY

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    That's exactly why I'm changing my lifestyle,
    39yrs old,
    15 1/2 stone. (now down to 15st :D)

    Bought a multigym, already had a treadmill (it's the wife's, but she doesn't use it). Have a Heavy Punchbag

    Will be doing 4km everyday, Multigym Mon,Wed & Fri. Also eating correctly plays a big part in it, i'm still trying to work out what to eat pre & post workout.

    It's worth doing it fella, it's a shame it took me/you this long to sort it out ;)
  4. etom


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    try to commute to work via road bike or legs, try and plan fun things outdoors,-camping holidays, hill walking in lakes, canoeing you will get healthier and your daughter will appreicate it doing outdoor things when growing up that not all kids get chance to do.

    eat whatveer you want for main meals and just cut out any choclate or deserts or limit them.