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To Gain Fitness - Cycling, Sports

Discussion in 'Sports Arena' started by syke, 24 Mar 2006.

  1. syke


    Joined: 18 Feb 2006

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    Hey i was just wondering in cycling, how far i should try to cycle to gain some fitness. I normally do most cycling on the weekends so preferably something to base around then. Also id like to know how to gain fitness and get strength (not wanting to be overly big, just fit). Also id like this to suite the likes of the younger age ;) as i dont want to have to lift heavy weights etc.

  2. Goatboy

    Man of Honour

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    Well you can gain 'some' fitness by cycling 100 yards if you were sedentary in the first place. Best off just going out and enjoying it and let the fitness gains happen.
  3. iSam


    Joined: 12 Aug 2004

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    Yea just plan a route and enjoy it. Do it regularly and the fitness will come.