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Trading the stockmarket (NO Referrals)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by mcast123, 2 Apr 2009.

  1. apg


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    Why Monday? The squeeze may not even hit then.
  2. apg


    Joined: 4 Dec 2013

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    Bought a few hundred shares in NAKD. Seems interesting. Theyre 75% shorted and 50 million new shares are being floated on monday so well see what happens.
  3. kakarott


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    I thought trading is closed in the weekend? What do you think about KOSS?
  4. Maccapacca


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    I’d be a bit concerned about running around buying up all the shorted stocks. Clearly the core business is failing and only with the en masse buying does all this work. Dilute a good idea and it becomes tepid and thin.
  5. muttclugg

    Wise Guy

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    100% agree with this. Gamestop & AMC have been failing/troubled businesses and these shouldn't be long term, solid investments. At some point, that GME stock will come crashing down. AMC on the other hand has had a tough year with COVID and closed cinemas. When they can eventually open up, that price will rise but it's unlikely to rise to the extent that GME has risen recently.
  6. dLockers


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    No one is under any illusion that GME is over valued right now. That isn't the point though... the point is, a firm heavily bet against them to drive them into bankruptcy. They were caught early on by someone who disagreed with the fundamental gamble, and then it went viral. No one is in it for the long position.

    I'm worried AMC and NOK are misdirection from the GME stock but if I had to gamble, I'd say NOK and AMC are both viable long-term investments. Whether they stay anywhere near where the meme gets them to, is another question though.
  7. Noxia


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    Just because I'm happy with what I have. I'm not really interested in past that. I understand it seems odd as most people are money grabbers (which is fine) but we all have different circumstances.
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  8. kakarott


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    Anyone using fidelity? Better than T212?
  9. Hyburnate


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    I'd say NOK and AMC are misdirections away from GME, I don't think BB was but it didn't have the same degree of momentum behind it so wall st won on that one.
  10. Spleen Sauce

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    Yes I thought the same.
  11. Gibbo


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    I managed to get 100 shares on AMC on Friday at just under $12 and the loss I made earlier in week is now recovered, hoping it can make some nice moves next week. :)

    Not got any GME at present and holding 890 Corsair shares now hoping it makes some nice moves over next few days with their earnings report due a week on Monday.
  12. arknor


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    you know share issues are bad right? it devalues all the other shares that already exist.
    also makes it easier for the shorts to cover.

    they only issue new shares to take advantage of all of the investors who made the price spike.

    at this rate there will be a bunch of crappy companies thinking about shorting themselves to issue new shares and take advantage of all the short chasers who don't realise how the market works.

    you need to think for yourself as well don't rely on some random guy on the internet being right when he claims something is shorted by bla blah %

    nice way to get momentum on a pump and dump on a company even if it's barely shorted to a point that actually matters.

    no one is on your side everyone is only interested in personal greed, people telling you to HOLD probably already bailed and are laughing their asses off.

    the ones in discord screaming BUY BUY BUY are generally already down and desperate for others to boost the price so they can get out.

    did any of these shorted companies even try to buy back their own shares to beat the shorts?
    porrsche did for VW.

    how about GME are they buying or selling to take advantage.

    I've seen people spamming AMC is 44.6million shares shorted, wow what a strange figure people are spamming is it just a coincidence silverlake converted 600million bonds to amc shares?

    someone doesnt know their butt from their elbow
    huge coincidence ? I think not.....

    personally I'd avoid anything not GME and that's probably too late now. I doubt the rest are shorted as much as people claim, and there's a large chance people get burned on GME/AMC and don't jump on NAKD after

    BTW this guy does good technical analysis but I've not watched this video

    he's usually spot on he was saying MSFT were ready to break out for quite some time before it actually happened
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  13. Hyburnate


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    So glad I'm not in NAKD with that dilution!
  14. englishpremier


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    Are they are bad as the shorters have made out though? GME increased revenues to over $8bn in 2018, suffered a 6% dip in 2019, and of course with COVID and stores shut a bigger dip in 2020 but still over $5bn. It has plenty of cash on hand and has been paying back its debt early. Highstreet retail maybe dying (less in the USA compared to the UK), but GME with Cohen plans to go online. Big competition but also big reward if they get it right. The average p/e in retail in the USA is 20. GME was at 0.9

    Obviously this is nothing to do with the current share price, but as a business it's far from dead.

    AMC was practically dead and cinemas, well eugh. The good news story from this one is that they have enough cash last out the whole of 2021 and of course have now reduced their debt since creditors have converted the debt to stock.
  15. arknor


    Joined: 22 Nov 2005

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    Location: Newcastle/Zurich

    GME were running at a loss for how many years though, they didn;t event make a profit during the pandemic when everyone was trapped at home buying games and consoles etc

    you really think they can compete with amazon and all the digital sales fronts that already exist?

    might have worked back in the day when clans were still mostly local and people had dialup

    name one internet cafe chain outside of asia that was successful ? because that is what they are basically becoming glorified internet cafes

    might work for a few months because people miss being social but long term everyone will be sitting at home watching twitch or whatever



    feel claustrophobic just looking at the picture imagining the preorders staff are bugging you to buy with no room to swing a cat or escape and the guy next to you huffing and puffing because he just got rekt in COD

    for a concept store you think they might have made it look a bit more spacious and inviting
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  16. Minusorange


    Joined: 25 Nov 2005

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    He's against ETF's because of the danger they represent to the market in that they're largely automated investing machines that do relatively little price discovery on what they're investing and for a large part are responsible for the bubble we're in now, he's pretty much on point with his assertions about them
  17. Irish_Tom


    Joined: 18 Oct 2002

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    I have a S&S ISA with Fidelity which I use for investing in funds. I opened the account with Cavendish originally but they’ve been bought out by Fidelity.

    The platform is good, £10 trades on shares/ETFs.

    Bear in mind you can only buy UK stocks but you can buy US funds/ETFs.

    I’m in the process of opening an account with T212 for the low fees and access to US stocks. Currently waiting for them to verify my identity.
  18. Daze

    Wise Guy

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    Might put £10k into GME shares today/tomorrow... opinions?
  19. Apex


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    I've put my fears some where not many posts back if you want to read what I feel is the current potential issues.

    Anyone still holding is holding because they think it'll increase not just by 5/10 percent, else they would have sold already. they expect and hope and pray it goes up another 100/200 percent if not more. Realistically I don't know if it ever will that high simply because there's a lot of fear now, and above 460 there pretty much won't be a single person who's made a loss, so if it hits 550, 600, 850 even, you may find that's enough for those who got in at 400 to leave with a decent return and not risk a big drop.

    My feeling is it will almost definitely go up above what it currently is, perhaps 480 by end of day Monday.

    The fight back news is starting to come through, people are doing billboards ads for gme, flying planes with messages on the back etc, which gets shared on social networks and drums up more interest. The news of wall street billionaires fighting back will be weakened when/of the price goes up reducing those fears which are currently bringing the price down a little. If you see the billionaires do all they can to drop the price (like they did on Thursday) and yet still here we are at 330, that's a good sign.

    The thing that I keep thinking back to for positivity is the vw 08 situation where the stock went through the roof and lot of money was made then, and that was a stock that had less reason to go up compared to gme so there's a greater chance of an even bigger increase. I'm hearing for gme to match the cost of the vw08 issue, gme would have to be 30k price, so anything less is achievable as a price that it can go to.

    If you get in now and it goes to 5k per stock you'll be at life changing money.

    The trouble you have now with being aware is making a decision either way is a bad or good one that you'll congrats yourself or kick yourself for making/not making.

    If you don't buy and it jumps to 5k by Friday, you'll be annoyed at yourself for not jumping in as that would be 150k for you by end of week.

    If you don't buy and it sinks you'll be glad.

    And the same if you do purchase and it goes up or down.

    You're now in a position to take the chance.

    Do you do it or not? Maybe buy, and if it rises take half out so you've made a bit of money and now aren't so worried to miss out as you'll still have something small left in.
  20. G-MAN2004


    Joined: 4 Jul 2004

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    When it hits $1k+, you'll wish you did.