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Treasury tries to hide reasons for Browns pensions tax grab

Discussion in 'Speaker's Corner' started by nero120, 10 Jul 2006.

  1. nero120


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    So it seems the Treasury thinks that the public doesn't need to know the reasons for Brown destroying our once envied pension schemes. This kind of sheer selfish arrogance makes me want to puke. That the government could do such a thing is bad enough, but that they then try to hide the truth from the public is unforgivable. I personally hope the information commissioner forces the government to reveal the reasons for doing this, and then leaves Labour and Brown in disgrace. The other political parties are bad enough, but Labour are clearly leaps and bounds ahead of them in terms of sleaze, incompetance and the intentional destruction of british institutions.
  2. Sequoia

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    Personally, I think the reasons are obvious.

    Blair and Brown had made election pledges concerning basic tax structures, but wanted money from somewhere to fund their spending plans. Unwilling to break the letter of such fundamental election promises, they were left with a limited number of ways in which to raise those funds, one of which was tax hikes in ways which either were not immediately obvious to Vic the Voter, or at least weren't obvious immediately.

    The pensions raid was one of those ways .... and one of many, I might add.

    The ICs appeal decision will be interesting .... whichever way it goes.
  3. SB118


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    The standard responce to "delicate" DPA requests such as this is to deny them on the grounds the responce "isn't in the public interest".

    edit, LOL, just read the article too, heh.
  4. crashuk


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    i really like to see the outcome, and its a shame that i havent heard anything about this on the bbc.
  5. elroberto


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    That now stands for the Blair & Brown Corporation. They'll happily shaft Prescott though.

    The BBC have been too timid to go after the government since the WMD saga. They don't want to lose their license fees.