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TV and Home Cinema system suggestion.

Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by Rambo89, 20 Oct 2009.

  1. Rambo89


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    Well situation is my brothers thinking of moving out in the coming weeks and it will mean ill be left in my flat without a TV or home cinema system.

    Was wondering if anyone can suggest a decent 32" LCD tv and a decent 5.1 system, i should have space for upto 42" but im not really bothered about size more quality over size. Will be connecting upto the PC my PS3, Xbox 360 and my media centre PC and possibly my snes/megadrive but i dont know about those yet.

    Budget wise, im looking to spend upto £800(£900 at a push) on the TV but not sure about the home cinema system, not got a good knowledge of these suggestions would be good.

    I was looking at these TVs the Samsung UE32B6000VW, Sharp LC32LE600E and Sharp LC40LE600E.

    Not sure if LED tvs are any better than the current LCD tv's you can buy and if these are any good really just like the look of them and spec wise they seem alright but im not great with TV's so not sure how well these tv's perform.
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  2. Johno please?


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