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TV distribution help

Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by chipperhead, 6 Mar 2010.

  1. chipperhead


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    Could do with a bit of help, my distribution is working fine atm but it's how I've just cobbled it together myself, I'm not sure it's the best way.
    I'm expanding it and want to go about it properly.

    This is my house below, the living room is were we watch the most tv, this has a Humax PVR, RF Modulator and cheap B&Q 6 way booster.


    It is wired up as shown below, I had to use an RF Modulator as the PVR doesn't have RF out only Scart. So main aerial and pvr goes into modulator.
    This combined signal goes into booster and from there to Tv's all over the house.
    This allows me to play something on the pvr and watch it in any room, however I have to go into the living room to operate the pvr, Id love to be able to operate it from another room.


    The problem is I have just built an extension and will be moving the PVR into there as well as the rf modulator, the booster will stay in the living room as all the other TV's in the house have the aerials running to this booster, however I could rewire the other tv's if required so that I could situate the booster nearer the modulator.

    My plan is the the main aerial will go into the modulator in the extension as well as the scart from the pvr, this will then leave the modultor go into the living room booster and be boosted round the house including back into the extension, shown below


    Does this sound ok or have I gone about it all the completely wrong way?

    I'm also planning to put a Revo Htpc in the extension and eventually want music and video available in any room in the house through media players.
    I can get under all the floors and running cat5 to any room is not a problem, I don't mind chucking some money at this to get it right.
    Would there be a better solution? Cheers
  2. bitslice


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    Just thinking that it's a bit simpler to put the splitter/amp in the loft than to have a bunch of cables leading out from one room

    maybe this kind of thing with a uplink feed feature ? http://www.beststuff.co.uk/labgear_hdu681.htm

    /hindsight :)

    oh and it appears that your aerial feeder elements are vertically polarised and your reflector is horizontally polarised

    (kidding :D)
    Last edited: 6 Mar 2010