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TV recommendation - £1500 max

Discussion in 'Home Cinema & Hi-Fi' started by Luke, 2 Aug 2006.

  1. Luke


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    I'm moving soon, and am going to get a new tv at the same time.
    I'd like 42" ideally, and am not particularly well informed as to whether HD compatible/HD ready are the same thing, or essential.
    The room it will be going in will put the viewer about 2-3 metres from the screen. I will be connecting standard Sky (or possibly freeview if funds are short!). I also run an amp and 5.1 system with DVD recorder, so ideally I'd like to be able to have enough inputs.
    I was wondering about using a device selector switch that would allow me to have only one signal cable runnig up the wall to keep it tidy, but I'm not sure what is around -if anything.

    Can anyone suggest some models to choose between, or any equipment that would allow me to minimise the number of cables on view.

  2. Da[]San

    Wise Guy

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    You will need an amp with HDMI upscalling cabablities, that way all component and svhs connections to the amp can be switched an converted into hdmi.

    That way you will only need one HDMI cable going into the screen.

    As far as a screen for 1.5k, i can recommend the Panny PX60 its brilliant.