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ufo aftershock: highly underrated?

Discussion in 'PC Games' started by NotJimNot, 12 Apr 2006.

  1. NotJimNot


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    UFO Aftershock

    I bought this at Game on saturday for only 15 pounds. Was brand new, not second hand.

    Best game bargain I have ever had. I patched to 1.2 straight off from the bat and am playing on an ati 9800, 1.7m-ghz laptop. Game has been running fine with no crashes on high quality mode (1024x768 with lights :p)

    I could do with more than my 512mb ram to stop a few pauses ocurring when changing between menus and saving a bit faster. That is the limit of my technical issues.

    In short I'm loving it and highly recommend anyone who enjoys games of the xcom:apocalypse ilk.

    My literary skills are fairly limited so instead of a review I'll just write the best bits.

    You live above the earth and must gradually control areas of the world where you can reap resources and recruit soldiers to your squad from 3 factions that live on the surface one of which is the humans.

    The more the factions like you. The better soldiers they can give you.

    To take control of areas on the earth surface or be nice/unfriendly to your new neighbours you take part in missions controlling 5-7 soldiers.

    The control system is one where your soldiers have no AI. You must give them every command.

    You can climb up ladders to towers. On roofs. And snipe from there.

    You can hear enemies through walls if they are loud (they appear as a question mark).

    Bullets impact bodies and make them move back to fall off catwalks or to the ground where they may yet rise to shoot you again so run in quick and make use of...

    Close combat. Knives can be thrown or used to cut enemies down. Can't wait till I manufacture swords.

    Highly trained medics can bring the dead back to life.

    Your cyborg units can have various implants to enhance their talents.

    All your soldiers can be trained in 3 roles. There are umpteen roles from medic to commando to sniper enhancing various attributes and granting skills such as a close combat one that turns your unit into a blur for the 5 metres for a sword swipe the enemy cant avoid.
  2. PFG


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    i also enjoyed this game

    fair enough twas a bit slow but once u got into it it was quite rewarding

    damn me for finding cheats on the tinterweb
  3. richyfingers

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    Tried to get into it, but it just wasnt a patch on Apocalypse, UFO and TFTD.