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United 93

Discussion in 'Music, Box Office, TV & Books' started by Stiff_Cookie, 15 May 2006.

  1. Stiff_Cookie

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    Saw the film today. It was one of the most intense films I have EVER seen. From start to finish it was non-stop tention. I think the last 30 minutes was so gut-wrenching and knowing how it all ends does not help at all.

    I think it is a must see film for the simple fact that it reminds us what people went through on that day. However, if you lost someone in 9/11 I would really think hard about seeing it. The phone calls, and the crying and the suspense that builds makes you feel like your there, the whole time I wanted to get out of my seat and do something about it.

    It really was a great film and I think it commemorates what happened on that day rather than hollywoods it.
  2. Scam


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    Well according to IMDB we're not gonna get it over here until September. Wonderful :\

    I'm quite interested in seeing this, glad to hear its good [​IMG]
  3. ben_j_davis

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    You can rent it from BlockBusters :)
  4. Phunk-E-Man

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    Ironically it was the relatives of victims from United 93 that pushed to get this movie released when the PC/over sensitive brigade tried to have it banned!
  5. SexyGreyFox

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    I couldn't stop wiping my eyes watching it.
    Its a shame that theres people on these forums who don't believe any of it.
  6. malolo


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    There was a trailer for it during Prison Break that said it was released on June 2nd so it seems it's been brought forward.