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Update on how I am getting on with driving lessons.

Discussion in 'Motors' started by lukechad, 24 Jan 2006.

  1. lukechad


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    I have just got back from my 5th driving lesson and I have to say I am quite chuffed with myself.
    Every 3 years a driving instructior has to be assessed by a senior DSA instructor, so my instructor asked if I would be alright if we had a guy in the back for our lesson, I was absolutely fine with that, the guy isnt bothered how I perform he just wants to check on my instructor.

    Anyway, we picked him up from the test centre, our test centre is very tight but I managed to get the car resersed into a bay no problems and it was my first time, a few hints from the instructor but no correction needed at all.

    Anyway, we went out for an hours lesson with the guy in the back, to be hoenst for most of the time I forgot all about him being there. Today we did most of the slow work, so reverse round the corner, turn in the road (3 point turn to you and me), 2 bay parks from both sides and a hill start, the only think we didnt cover and have yet to cover is the parallel park.

    After the lesson I had to take the guy back to the test centre, my insuructor and the senior had a chat in the car to let my insutrctor know how he went, the DSA senior was gobsmacked it was my 5th lesson, I am very happe with that indeed :)

    Next week if I can do the parallel park alright I am going to be booking my test! I need a few more to get the extra practice in on everything, so after about my 9th lesson I should be taking my first driving test. Now I know I may not pass but its a big achievement for me to have my instructor (who has been in the game for 35 years now) tell me that he thinks I could cope with a test. :) It is also a big acheivement as I dont really have any urge to get a car or to even pass my test but its got to be done, I cant spend the rest of my life on bikes.

    Sorry to blab but I am very proud of myself about this and need to share the good news, I am perhaps being a bit big headed over it all but hey, I am proud of myself, its been a long time since I did something that I can be happy about with myself
  2. nicRob

    Wise Guy

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    Thats great, well done Luke :)
    Sure, you have experience on bikes, but 5 lessons is still very quick ;)
  3. Confused


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    Well done :)

    You sound like you're progressing slightly quicker than me - I had 15 lessons in total (including the test day), but the last 4-5 were one a week waiting for my test date to finally arrive!

    Glad you're enjoying it :)
  4. Tesla


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    I passed with 15lessons...

    2hours per lesson though. :)

    Exactly 4months to the day from my first lesson to passing test.

    Loads of my mates have had in excess of 150hours and not passed though! Crazy!