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Upgrade from a 450D...

Discussion in 'Photography & Video' started by Lonz, 10 May 2010.

  1. Lonz

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    So, I've just been paid and now I'm getting itchy figures with my debit card...

    I've got a 450D now, with the kit lens and the 430EX II flash. It's used 90% for nightclub photography, and it does an 'OK' job. The body's ISO handling isn't as good as I'd like it to be though. At 1600 it's very noisy and the lens only does f3.5.

    Assuming I upgrade to a better body, I'm thinking even a 40D would suffice? The upgrade probably wouldn't cost more than £150 by going second hand. I've been thinking about something with some real hardcore high ISO performance, like a 5D II, but that would probably be a bit overkill, and it's pretty hard to find some shots with it in a nightclub environment, so I'm assuming there's a reason why people aren't using it.

    As for a lens, my friend has recommended a Tamron 17-70 f2.8, which seems like it's got the speed I want. Am I really going to see much of a difference with say, a Canon L lens (16-35mm for eg?).

  2. Hank_Marvin


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    got the 450d also, not looking to upgrade quite yet but i think when i do it will be for the 40d/50d range, possibly 60d/70d when i'm ready.
  3. p0ss3s3d

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    17-50mm will be fine on a crop body. The difference wouldn't warrant the extra cost in your situation. But, if you really want to splash out then the 17-55mm is your best bet.

    A 40D and 17-50mm would be a great set-up. The high-ISO won't improve though. Just expose well and the 450D/40D should both handle 1600 fine.

    I don't think any bodies other than the III/IV will give clean 3200 except the 5DII and 5D classic because they handle 3200 quite well. I think the 5Dc has the edge at 1250, then at 1600+ the MKII is a little better - also the new tech is more forgiving.
  4. Lonz

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    Having seen the 450D and 40D side by side in the same sort of action, the 40D has a noticeable improvement with the high ISO. I'm not so sure the extra cash on something like a 5D is going to be all worth it to be honest.

    I'd probably be more likely to invest in a lens than a body. But again, the extra £££ for something like an L lens probably isn't worth it in a nightclub environment.
  5. Derek W


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    Not sure if this will help you make a decision on anything but I typed in flikr 5D 2 nightclub to see what results might come up for it. Top of the list was a link to POTN and this topic (hope i can link this, remove if i cant)


    That whole topic is dedicated to photos in nightclubs, you can view the exifs on some photos but others list the equipment they use so may help in choosing an upgrade on yours :)