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using network to install game

Discussion in 'Networks & Internet Connectivity' started by zenith10, 28 Jan 2006.

  1. zenith10

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    im thinking because my computer hasnt got a dvd drive but a computer on the network has that i can install a game on the one without a dvd drive by using the one with the dvd drive. the game is half life 2 and requires a dvd drive. how would i go about doing this?
  2. Mason64


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    share your dvdrom drive
    right click on go to sharing.

    then go to network places and look for your pc once found click on it and u should see the dvd rom drive.
  3. Trigger


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    This really isn't an options but...

    1.) Go to the DVD-ROM drive you want to use in My Computer

    2.) Right-click it and go to properties, then the sharing tab

    3.) Give it a sharename of dvd$

    4.) Click OK and go to the PC you want to run the game on

    5.) Open My Computer and select, tools, map network drive

    6.) Select Drive letter E: from the list

    7.) In the folder box type:

    With machine name being the name of the computer the DVD drive is physically on.

    8.) Now go to E:\ within My Computer and find setup.exe or similar. If you can't find the setup file, open the file autorun.inf in notepad, find the line:

    Then find the file in E:\ where ever file.exe actually refers to :)

    That will at least allow you to set it up. I don't know whether HL2 needs the disc in the drive to run though and it could be very jerkey if it does. I once tried DVD playback through a 10/100 and shared optical drive and it was jerkey to say the least lol. Thank god I upgraded to Gigabit :cool:
  4. zenith10

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    cheers m8 got it sorted