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V5c - Trader to Trader sale

Discussion in 'Motors' started by Frozennova, 4 Jan 2021.

  1. Frozennova

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    Come up against an odd one that has me stumped at work. We aren't a dealer, but have various development vehicles

    I'm going to phone the DVLA tomorrow for confirmation, but thought the OCUK collective might be able to provide some insight.

    Car in question was bought by Trader A Sept 2019 from the dealer, we purchase the car November 2019 with it transferred to us also as a trader.

    I have the complete original V5c showing the car registered to Trader A, I also have the confirmation printout that shows we are now the registered keeper.

    I can't however find a V5c showing us as the new register keeper.

    Checking the DVLA vehicle enquiry shows the last V5c being issued in Sept 2019 (presumably at the time of registration)

    The question is, do the DVLA no longer issue a new logbook for trade to trade transfers?
  2. jamoor


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    I don’t think you can transfer cars from trader to trader.

    the log books just get swapped until a buyer is found.
    You should have a new v5 if you are the RK