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viewsonic vg191b problem

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by capcom1, 18 May 2006.

  1. capcom1


    Joined: 29 Aug 2005

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    hi guys , after a little advice on the above monitor , recently whenever you turn the computer off or even just turn the monitor off for and leave it for a while when you turn it back on it has lines either side of it and the screen is blurry , this all goes away after a 5 mins or so and stays away till next time you turn the monitor or pc off for and leave it off a while , i have tried diff cables , both analog and digital and same thing , i have also tried it on another pc and get same result (although didnt seem as bad , mabey the other pc being on a lower resolution ? ) hence why i think its a monitor problem and not pc , thanks for any advice ....
  2. Baddass


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    could be on its way out :( Might be worth speaking to Viewsonic to see if you can RMA it under warranty