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Viewsonic VX922 return trouble

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by myriad, 31 Jul 2006.

  1. myriad


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    Right this is starting to drive me up the wall, I bought a Viewsonic VX922, within the first week I start getting a big blue bar from top to bottom on the screen. This only appears shortly after turn on and disappears after it is turned off and on. Because it was so itermittent I didn't really want to try to RMA because I know if a fault isn't found I would end up paying lots of money and be without a monitor. After a while though the bar is on more and more and the screen becomes unusable, so this is what happens:

    I email support and tell them what the problem is, they tell me to try the monitor with a different vga/dvi cable, a different power lead and on a different PC, if the fault still appears they give me a number to ring. Fault still appears.

    11.7. I phone support, they ask me what the problem is, I describe it, after about 5 minutes I am told a new monitor will be sent out and I should swap the old one. It will arrive in one to two days. At this point I am delighted with the service, couldn't have asked for more.

    17.7. The weekend has passed, so have three working days. I phone support, I am told that the courier can take up to 5 working days to deliver.

    19.7. Monitor still hasn't arrived. I phone support I am told that the monitor was delivered and signed for by 'Ellis', I inform them that no one by that name lives at the premises or in the neighbouring houses. I am told that this will be investigated immediately with the 'product specialist' and that they will call back as soon as they know what has happened.

    24.7 I receive no call. I phone support, Hans (I am now recording names) tells me that the monitor had been delivered but no one was at the premises so the monitor was returned to Viewsonic. I am now confused, I say that I was told that the monitor was delivered and signed for, he says that is incorrect. I tell him that the house is never empty and I was left no note so I doubt that the monitor was ever here. He says he will send out a new one. He can't send a new one because he needs to open a second ticket to do so and he doesn't have the access rights to close the first one, he needs the 'product specialist' who us unavailable. He will call back when they are available.

    25.7 I receive no call. I phone support, Nick tells me my monitor was delivered, I tell him that this is wrong and that last time I called I was told that in fact the delivery didn't take place because no one was available to take the monitor even though this wasn't true. Nick says he will phone back once he has talked to the 'product specialist'. I tell Nick that Viewsonic haven't been much good at calling back, he says he will definitley call.

    25.7 Nick calls and tells me a monitor is on its way and will arrive in 2 working days. I ask if he can email me the consignment number so I can track it, he says they don't get them, I ask if I can be phoned by the courier before they arrive, he says he will ask if its possible but doesn't think so (Hans mentioned it was possible when I talked to him) I decide to use the parcel line consignment number to try and see if I can figure out what really happened to my delivery. It has two entries, one shows that they apparently tried to deliver my monitor on the 12th at 8:53 and on the 14th at 8:25. I was at home and awake at this time on both days, the door bell did not ring and no note was left. The second entry shows that the package was signed for and delivered to Ellis in Rushden. Since this is where the monitor started off, it seems that Hans was right, the monitor was not delivered to the wrong person, simply returned to Viewsonic.

    31.7. I receive no monitor. I phone support, Marit asks me if I received my monitor, I laugh and reply no. She says she will check the Parcel Line consignment number, I ask which number this would be. It is the original consignment number, I tell her this is wrong there should be a new one. Unfortunately the 'product specialist' is still unavailable and she will have to phone me back. I tell her that I am a bit frustrated and have only actually received one call out of three promised by Viewsonic, she says she will call within the hour.

    I have been waiting for 50 minutes.

    I suppose that had Parcel Line actually delivered my monitor as their system shows, none of this would be a problem. But it seems that Viewsonic have such a crap sytem in place that there is no real record or understanding of how the delivery part of things is working. I wouldn't bet on me receiving the replacement monitor any time soon.

    31.7, 14:11. Marit phones, tells me that they haven't found anything out, she will talk to the 'product specialist' and call me back today. sigh.
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  2. Roughneck


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    I returned a monitor to Viewsonic and it was smoth as silk , they droped the new one off and picked up the old one.

    Sorry to hear about your problem.

    If I was you Id contact your credit card company. They may be able to help.
  3. myriad


    Joined: 17 Nov 2003

    Posts: 270

    I was phoned at 15:30 and told the monitor would be here tomorrow, I have asked for Parcel Line to call me, it has already been noted but they will try a different method. We'll see tomorrow.

    Looking at my experience if Parcel Line had actually delivered the product when they got the monitor my experience would have been excellent, trouble is Viewsonic seem to have screwed up lots after that orginal incident that was probably no fault of theirs. Ah well as long as I get a monitor tomorrow all will be forgotten, as long as it works...