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Vodafone problems anyone ???

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones & Tablets' started by Loki, 13 Sep 2009.

  1. Loki

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    Is anyone else encountering problems with Vodafone at present ? Voice Only service at present :(

    For some reason when they set my account up a few months back they set me up as ordering through Currys as a business customer:confused:

    Despite the fact that it was orderd on their portal as a residential customer and paying with DD, the DD failed as it wasn't a business bank so every month I pay with Debit Card, they promise to change my account to residential and take my bank details so we have a bit of a groundhog day thing going on.

    Now everything is set up properly the have promised everyday since Weds. to restore my services and everyday naff all is done about it. First of all they said it can take upto 24 hours to resolve. Then by Friday I was told it was a blackberry update that buggered up their network, yesterday it was some kind of transmitor that was down and it would take 48 hours to resolve earliest.

    Since Thursday I have had £35.00 worth of credit which I couldn't give a rats ass about, I just want a service that works :mad:

    I try to ring up Customer service this morning and am told by automated message, they have some problems and to call back tomorrow after 12.00. For a big multi national company their service sucks donkey balls

    So does anyone else have any problems with vodafone at present ?
  2. Lee_Vodafone


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    Hi Loki,

    While this's is certainly not the kind of experience we like to read we're always keen to make sure that things get sorted out.

    Since you post have you been able to get this resolved?

    If not, feel free to email the Vodafone Web Relations Team using the 'Contact us' form on our website here.

    When sending the email you'll also need to include a link to this thread within the body of it and state the code WRT135 in the subject line to make sure it comes through to us.

    Many thanks,


    Web Relations Team

    Vodafone UK