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W800i poor battery performance

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones & Tablets' started by Bluebells, 6 Mar 2006.

  1. Bluebells


    Joined: 9 Jul 2004

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    Recently got my W800i, I charged it up full yesterday and after listening to a few songs and making one short call, the battery life icon has dropped nearly to empty. Is this normal for the battery or is it faulty?
  2. dynabol


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    Location: Chesterfield, UK

    Rechargeable batteries usually need to go through a few full discharge and recharge cycles before reaching their optimum capacities :)
  3. semi-pro waster

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    Have you charged it correctly since getting it? I've had mine for around 3 months now(and a K750i before that) and although I don't use the mp3 function all that much from my normal use(quite a few texts and a few short phonecalls) I get about 4 days battery life between charges if not more. I'd see if your phone does it again, if it does then you may have a faulty battery, not sure if they are covered by warranty though as batterys are normally consumables I think.


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    Turn the phone completely off, wait for around 30 secs and plug the charger in. The phone's Charging screen will come up.

    Basically, This means that all the power is going the the battery but when the phone is turned on, The power is being used aswell.

    My k750i (same phones) last around 3-4 days with heavy use:)
  5. Bluebells


    Joined: 9 Jul 2004

    Posts: 325

    Thanks for the replies, will try it out for a few more days, if it still runs out very quickly I will take it back to the Orange shop.
  6. kud0s


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  7. RandomTom


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  8. Bluebells


    Joined: 9 Jul 2004

    Posts: 325

    Turns out I have a dud phone or battery or both. Had to fully recharge it twice yesterday despite only using it to call for 10 minutes or so. Have also turned bluetooth off and did not use the walkman functions. Would not power on this morning as the battery died again.

    Getting it replaced soon.