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Water cooling specs.. advice?

Discussion in 'Overclocking & Cooling' started by BlackAqua, 17 Feb 2006.

  1. BlackAqua


    Joined: 9 Oct 2005

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    Brand spanking new to water cooling, so how do you think this would do below? I'm looking at adding a N/B cooler and GFX card adding a cpu block later down the line (quiest thing I have atm).

    The aim is to have a near slient setup as possible.

    Pump: Eheim 1048 or Swiftech MCP655? Is the 655 quiet?
    Rad: Swiftech MCR120-QP-B 120mm Radiator (Or the dual one? I'd rather have a single and fit it inside the case).
    Res: Swiftech MCRES-Micro
    CPU: Swiftech Apogee
    GFX: Swiftech MCW55
    NB: Swiftech MCW30 (Not sure this will fit my Lanparty UT NF4 Ultra-D?)

    Any advice on the above?
  2. silentphoenix


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    Location: Norwich

    Personally i'd avoid the eheim 1048 - it is a decent pump and quiet, but you may get some problems with vibration and you'll need an additional PCI relay card or similar (otherwise you'll have to switch it on and off with you PC yourself).

    Another pump you may wish to consider is the Laing DCC (or the DangerDen DCC, or the MCP 350 - they are all the same). A very nice compact, reasoinably queit pump that packs a punch if you get the modded inlet (or buy the plexi top).

    Everything else seems fine apart from the chipset cooler - i doubt you will getthat on ure mobo. You can get a nexxxos nb block from pretty cheap, but its a real flow killer. There's also the DFI freezer if youve got that kind of money lying around.

    Have you thought about getting a dual/tripple rad and running it with silent fans? Something i would go for if space wasnt a problem.