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Weezer - Teal Album

Discussion in 'Music, Box Office, TV & Books' started by Yaayuh!, 25 Jan 2019.

  1. Yaayuh!


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  2. CircleFaust


    Joined: 1 Dec 2003

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    hmm, good for a one off listen i guess
    africa, ah what a song
    i think a one man band could cover africa and it would still sound amazing :p

    what is their best album?
    i've never followed them
  3. something daft already!!


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    So they are all covers of old songs then?
  4. CircleFaust


    Joined: 1 Dec 2003

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    yeah seems like they just threw it together for fun

    thread got me curious and i picked up MALADROIT for a £1 to see what their like
    buddy holly is the track etched in my brain with this band, i'm sure they are much more than that :)
  5. Shamikebab

    Capo Crimine

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    I've never been a huge Weezer fan tbh, they're fun live and they have some good songs but I find a lot of their albums fairly filler-y. This one is just fun though, some really good covers.
  6. a1ex2001


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    I'd second that I've always wanted to really like them but never managed it, they seem to have 3\4 bang average tracks for every good one.

    Will listen to this though as I'm a sucker for a half decent cover!