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weird bit rate issue

Discussion in 'Sound City' started by fini, 5 May 2006.

  1. fini


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    Hey, I've been using EAC with LAME to rip my CD's with these settings

    -V 2 --vbr-new --add-id3v2 --pad-id3v2 --ta "%a" --tt "%t" --tl "%g" --ty "%y" --tn "%n" %s %d

    bit rate set to 256

    and on the LAME DLL tab

    Joint Stereo
    High Quality

    Now when I right click on a file in windows explorer and go into its properties it says the bit rate's 224-320. When, however, I look at the bit rate in Windows Media Player or my archos 560 it states them as anything from 154-177! What's going on and what's my real bitrate??

    Last edited: 5 May 2006
  2. TooNice


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    Well, the argument is set to VBR. I am pretty sure that the argument overwrites the other settings you pick. Or perhaps it is picking the VBR setting that is the closest to 256kps in file size. Overall, I wouldn't worry about it, VBR should be better than CBR for the same file size anyway.