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Weird RAM Problem

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by SpicyDuck, 1 Aug 2006.

  1. SpicyDuck


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    My brother wanted his PC to go a little faster so I told him what RAM he had and directed him to a seller and he bought it.

    It arrived today and he changed it himself, but said it wasn't working. So here I am and I tried it myself and, indeed, it isn't working.

    It's a 1GB stick of RAM but when the computer starts I get this "blah blah Safe Mode, Start Normally etc" option screen. Choosing any of them just makes the system restart and it goes round and round.

    I checked the BIOS and the RAM is being detected as only 24MB, so I'm guessing that's why windows won't start. Also, there are no unusual beeps, so I'm guessing their is something wrong with the motherboard accepting a 1Gig stick or something.

    Any ideas? I'd appreciate it. I'm sitting here and I want to go home now! :p