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Weirdy G15 Snag

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Shelster, 25 Jun 2010.

  1. Shelster

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    I have started to develop a problem with my G15 keyboard where as if i install the G15 software all is well and i have full use of the LCD display with the running programs.

    After a a few restarts and boots, i end up with no programs running at all. They also disappear from the G15 profiler program list too. A reinstall and they are back.

    Anyone else had this snag?

    I have fired off an email to Logitech, but had a random german contact me and say that i could control the programs from the profiler........cant if they aint there
  2. area51


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    Hi did you save the profiles?. not completly sure how the g15 runs comp to G19 with software? But you can bring a icon up from bottom of screen with apps etc that can run plus another line of tick boxs that you have allowed then a box thats below that not always shows you have to click to bring up.
    If it's anything like the crap i had with mine you'l have a great time? not.
    Try if you don't get that to work uninstalling it all getting rid of anything from it?.
    Then reboot with using another keyboard.install the software for keyboard etc reboot then plug G15 in. thats what they say with the newer G19 ones.i had mine replaced as had some very weird things going on like stuff disapearing or not working.
    There is a Logitech forum lots of help.
    But i do know that theres been some issues with the G range keyboards.Plus still think mines got something to do with my pc problems?
    So you could be going for an RMA yet.