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Whale "lands" on a boat, real or shopped?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nst68, 21 Jul 2010.

  1. markwombat

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  2. iNPUt

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    Wheres the other photos, who just takes one and does not shoot the juicy ones with the whale on the boat etc, would of made ££
  3. TheMightyTen


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    Perhaps the yachts home port is listed as Osaka;)
  4. thepeganator

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  5. FatBoyObese


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  6. Marky


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  7. apatia77


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  8. Oddw1re


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    It obviously photoshoped
  9. Reaction


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    Unfortunately your Photoshop skills do not match theirs :(
  10. Milkybk


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    I call shenanigans!
  11. gillywibble

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    As fake as my wife's orgasms.
  12. Efour


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    i call 100% truth and lots of paranoid people.
  13. Aliboy


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    As fake as the French accent that the hot babe in the coffee shop uses when speaking to customers :D
  14. slylittlefox

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    This. You're all too eager to disbelieve.
  15. Aliboy


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    It's fake !!! I've just noticed a picture on the sail and it's 'The Saint' :) So this obviously means that the boat belongs to Simon Templer and we all know that The Saint would never be seen in a pair of waterproof clothing in those gawdy colours :D He'd have a white suit with a nice silk red spotted cravat (sp?) with a nice pair of blue and white boating shoes and a flute of champagne ini his hand :D

    And that's why ladies and gentlemen that this picture is a fake ;)
  16. iviv


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  17. yermum

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    The BBC have just shown the after effects on the boat and it's almost completely wrecked.
  18. Hunders


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  19. Ciphon

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    Ahh.. I knew it was real.. :D :p
  20. Outcast


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    Except anyone good at graphics wouldn't use jpeg. They'd import it as jpg and then use tif.. finally saving out as jpg.. so the analysis would only show 1 step as being jpg.